pryd o fwyd

Pryd o Fwyd is Welsh meaning ‘a bite to eat’.

And that’s what we’re about: delicious food (whether a whole meal or just a mouthful), freshly prepared for you.

Pryd’s kitchens are in Ferryside, near Carmarthen, but we work the length of the country creating delicious food for our customers – catering a private dinner party for a handful of special guests, or creating stunning wedding food for two hundred.


Guy’s the driving force behind Pryd o Fwyd.

He’s been a chef for over 25 years – training, and running sections in the kitchen of Claridges and the Savoy, before taking on positions as Head Chef and Executive Chef in restaurants across the country.

After working as a consultant chef for 6 years – advising restaurant kitchens how they can transform the food they create and improve their performance (like Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, but with a bit less swearing, he chose to fulfil his life’s dream and run his own business.

5 years later, Guy’s now living in Wales full time and runs the award winning Pryd o Fwyd.